Frequently asked questions

It is an acrylic top that is fitted to the top of your shower to eliminate steam and condensation in your bathroom caused by your shower.

Showerdome® is available in all different shapes and sizes. They’re all made bigger than they need to be so can be trimmed to fit your shower exactly. There is a Showerdome® shower top for rectangular, square, five-sided and curved showers.

No the installers carry all the different sized Showerdome® shower tops with them and then measure and cut to fit on site. A standard installation takes 1.5 – 2 hours.

Steam forms when the warm, moisture-laden air generated by the shower mixes with the cooler air in the bathroom. A Showerdome® shower top locks warm air in and keeps cold air out stopping steam from forming. Simple yet so effective!

A Showerdome® shower top eliminates the moisture in the air created by having a shower.  This leads to drier, warmer, healthier home.

Yes! There is no need to run extractor fans or bathroom heaters. You are likely to reduce your hot water temperature and consumption. You will also save on long term bathroom maintenance.

No, in fact just the opposite. With a Showerdome® shower top there is no steam, because no cold air gets in.  There is no steam in the bathroom to fog the mirrors and wet the walls too.  Just a toasty warm shower, even on frosty mornings.

A Showerdome® shower top is crystal clear.  You won’t notice it but you will notice the difference.  It’s simply a warmer, steam free shower, with cheaper hot water bills.