Specialist Showerdome® Shower Top Installer. 

Install a Showerdome® shower top for a warmer,
drier and healthier home.


Feel warm and cosy.

With no cold draft coming down through the top, your shower cubicle stays warm and comfortable, even on cold winter days.


Drier warmer healthier.

A Showerdome® shower top eliminates the moisture in the air created by having a shower.  This leads to a drier, warmer, healthier home.


Reduce energy costs.

As well as using less water, you can also run your water at a lower temperature at the shower mixer and feel just as warm. That’s a double energy saving.


Reduce maintenance.

Lingering moisture can harm paint, wood finishes, flooring and fabrics. So a Showerdome® is a particularly smart idea for ensuites and rental properties.


How it works.

A Showerdome® shower top puts a lid on your shower to stop steam and warm moist air getting out. It also prevents cold air getting into your shower, so steam clouds don’t form inside. It’s that simple.

With a Showerdome® shower cover, your bathroom remains dry, safe and clear while you stay warm and cosy inside your shower. You’ll enjoy mist-free mirrors, prevent mould and extend the life of your paint and bathroom features. And because your shower feels warmer, you can run it at a lower temperature and save on energy costs.

There’s nothing you have to remember to turn on, no running costs and no moving parts to wear out.